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Lara, Ruby and Boca's review of Brothers Complete



Mari Noel Arraya's Proud Brussels Griffon "NEWMAN"  A Brothers Pup for many years

When the phone rang Mari Noel dropped the bag of Brothers and rushed for the phone.

She missed the call but when she turned around, phone in hand, she was able to get a photo of

NEWMAN proudly guarding his bag of Brothers.



I couldn't figure out how to post this review, so I'm sending to you! Can you please post it for me? Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service!!

Early this year I switched to Brother's Complete Dog Food for my beloved pups. It is the most nutritious food I found, after lots and lots of research. I love that it has no grain, no potato and no sugar...and that its much fresher, than food sitting on store shelf for months.  My dogs absolutely LOVE the lamb meal and egg formula,  and I can tell they "feel" much better now, since their gut is much healthier. Not only is it a five star dog food, but their customer service is top notch, too...seriously the BEST I've ever encountered! When UPS  lost my package, they immediately refunded me and shipped out another bag at no charge (with an extra bag of their awesome treats!)!! PLUS they overnighted several trial packs immediately, to get me by til my regular shipment came! And if that weren't enough, when the lost package was found and delivered to me, they wouldn't even accept payment from me...even tho it was NOT their fault, it was lost! With great, healthy food my precious pups love, and customer service above and beyond, I am a customer for life! #brotherscompleterocks

Linda Winans
VERY happy customer
Written November 18, 2015 to
By Ed on August 3, 2015
Nearly the entire first year of our dog's life, she suffered from food allergies. My wife figured it out after endless research online. Several veterinarians were more than happy to keep us in the dark and kept prescribing flagyl and other meds, which are not good for anyone, esp a baby dog.  Once we knew it was allergies and not illness, we found Brothers on the Dog Food Advisor website and have never fed our dog anything else.  She is an active, happy, healthy 3 year old and only sees the vet once a year now for a basic checkup and shots.  Her fave flavors are the turkey and the venison, but she thrives on all the flavors.  Our sincerest thanks to Brothers!
Name: Veronica
If I could rate this product a million stars I would! My little guy (a Terrier Mix) has been eating this food for over a year now and we will NEVER go back! He had allergies and recurring severe ear infections. His medicine bag looked like one for a sick human. I was fed up with giving him meds and vet bills. After researching, I came across the Dog Food Advisor site and ultimately Brothers Complete. After reading such positive reviews I decided to try it out. I stopped all other treats and only gave him this food. He not only loved it, but his symptoms (licking his paws, bitting his back, rubbing himself on the carpet to scratch, and ear infections) began to disappear. They even sent us a complimentary bag of treats which he also loved! I am so thankful he has a good for him food that truly keeps him healthy & happy. I pray you never change your formula and keep the phenomenal service as well!